ECE/CS598HPN Assignments

Class Participation (10%)

Students are expected to attend classes, and participate in class discussions. In addition, each student will be given an opportunity to briefly present a paper of their choice towards the end of the course.

Reading Assignments (30%)

For each class, students are expected to:

  1. Read one full-length paper (or two half-length papers). Links to the papers for each class are provided in the 'Readings' column of the syllabus table.
  2. Submit a short write-up on each paper as specified below.
  3. Some lectures have been assigned two full-length papers listed with an 'OR'. Students may choose to submit a write-up on only one of the two papers for that class. Both papers will be dicussed in class, and students are encouraged to read both.

What to submit?

  1. Paper summary (3-4 lines).
  2. Assuming you are a reviewer for the paper, two reasons why you would accept it.
  3. Assuming you are a reviewer for the paper, two reasons why you would reject it.
  4. A follow-up idea on the paper, described very briefly in 1-2 sentences. The idea could:

When to submit? By 11:59pm the day before the class (Tuesday 11:59pm for Wednesday class and Thursday 11:59pm for Friday class).

How to submit? Fill out this form. The form can be accessed via your NetID after enabling Google Apps @ Illinois.


  1. Three skips allowed without any penalty (partial submission will be counted as a skip).
  2. A submission that is more than 9hrs late will be counted as a skip.
  3. Three late submissions (i.e. submitted late but within 9hrs of deadline) will be counted as a skip.

Course Project (50%)

Students are expected to do a research-style project on a topic relevant to the course in groups of upto two. Deliverables include:

1. First progress report for the project


  1. Motivation - what problem are you trying to solve and why?
  2. Related work - survey of related work, and how is your project different
  3. Key challenges you need to overcome
  4. Solution sketch
  5. Implementation and evaluation plan
  6. Progress made so far
  7. Tentative timeline for remaining work.
  8. For teams with multiple people: who is working on what.

Deadline: Monday, Oct 17th, 11:59pm

How to submit? Email at radhikam @ with subject 'ECE/CS598HPN Fall 2022: First progress report'. Only one email per team, cc all members.

2. Second progress report for the project

Built on top of the first progress report. You can add more to the motivation based on updated understanding of the project. You can also add more to the related work if you find anything new. Design of your solution must be more concrete (if it was not already so in the first progress report). In addition, you must discuss the progress you made towards implementation and present some preliminary results. A small section at the end of your report should list the delta over the first report (what new sections/sub-sections were added, and which sections were heavily edited).

Deadline: Monday, Nov 7th, 11:59pm

How to submit? Email at radhikam @ with subject 'ECE/CS598HPN Fall 2022: Second progress report'. Only one email per team, cc all members.

3. Final report for the project

Format: 6 pages (without references), 10pt font, double-columned. For more details, please refer to the formatting guidelines here.

Tentative contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Related Work
  3. Design
  4. Implementation
  5. Evaluation
Specific section headings and length of each section may vary across projects.

Deadline: Monday, Dec 5, 11:59pm

How to submit? Email at radhikam @ with subject 'ECE/CS598HPN Fall 2022: Final report'. Only one email per team, cc all members.

4. Project presentation

Final presentation (day, time, location):

Watch out for an email to schedule presentation slots.

Each presentation must be at most 10mins long. It should cover the motivation of the project (especially in context of relevant related work), briefly explain the approach/design, and present the key results. The entire presentation maybe given by a single team-member or maybe split across the team. Each presentation will be followed by at most 5mins of Q/A. All students are welcome to sit through other presentations, and ask questions if time permits.

Warm-up assignments (10%)

Students are expected to complete 3 simple warm-up assignments (online tutorials) on relevant networking tools -- details will be made available a week before each assignment is due.

The assignments must be done individually. However, each student must pair up with another student to act as each other's TA. If a student is stuck at any step, they may consult their partner. If both partners are stuck, they may reach out to the instructor.

What to submit? Each student must submit a brief evaluation report for their partner that answers the following:

  1. Were they able to complete the assignment ?
  2. Where did they get stuck?

When to submit? The evaluation reports are due by 11:59pm on the specified assignment deadline date. Each student is expected to work around the constraints of their partner to ensure that they are given sufficient time to write the report after assignment evaluation.

How to submit? Fill out this form. The form can be accessed via your NetID.

Policy: Failure to submit an evaluation report for their partner will nullify any points a student scores for completing their own assignment.

Assignment Details: See below

Assignment 1

Complete the first five segments of this tutorial on OpenFlow (starting from software installation until you have created a learning switch using POX).

Deadline: Wednesday, 09/21, 11:59pm

Assignment 2

Complete the first module on 'Basic Forwarding' in exercise 1 of this P4 tutorial, along with one other module of your choice from the exercises 3, 4, or 5. If you are having issues building the P4 VM using vagrant, use Option 1 here.

Deadline: Wednesday, 10/05, 11:59pm

Assignment 3

Download and install Xilinx Vivado ML(Standard edition), and complete Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of Vivado HLS tutorial. Chapter 1 contains setup information, and Chapter 2 has the main tutorial content.

Deadline: Wednesday, 11/16, 11:59pm

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