ECE 482: Digital IC Design
Fall 2020
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Course Information and Syllabus
  • Welcome to ECE482, with its first-ever hybrid mode instruction!
  • Course materials and announcements will be posted here and/or on Compass 2g.
  • We'll use piazza for asynchronous discussions outside the scheduled lecture times.
  • Students in Section G will attend class in person
    • Please arrive prior to 3:00pm so that you have time to disinfect your personal workspace (cleaning wipes will be provided) before the lecture starts.
  • Students in Section ONL will always class attend via zoom.
    • Zoom meeting invitation can be found under Handouts and also on Compass2g.
    • Please enter the zoom meeting at or before 3:00pm so that class may begin on time.
  • Oct 2: Coordinates for all the zoom meetings--class lectures, prof office hour, TA office hour--can be found in a document under Handouts.

Class Meetings


MWF 3:00 PM - 3:50 PM
1015 ECE Building

Simultaneous broadcast on zoom




Professor Elyse Rosenbaum

407 Coordinated Science Lab.


Teaching Assistants


Milan Shah

Alec Wasowicz


Jie Xiong


Office Hours Schedule 


Prof. Rosenbaum's office hour is at 2:00pm on Thursday most weeks; exceptions will be posted under Announcements. Office hour is held on Zoom -- meeting info can be found under "Handouts" and on Compass2g.





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