ECE 480: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Fall 2023)

Course Outline


Tomographic Imaging Principles

  • Fourier Transform Imaging
  • Radon Transform Imaging

Magnetic Resonance Concepts: Signal Generation

  • Spin, magnetic moment, and nuclear magnetism
  • RF excitations
  • Spin-spin relaxation and spin-lattice relaxation
  • Free induction decay and echo formation

Imaging Principles: Signal Localization 

  • Selective excitations
  • k-space imaging methods
  • Phase encoding
  • Frequency encoding
  • k-space trajectories

Midterm Exam

Image Reconstruction Techniques

  • Image reconstruction from Fourier-space data
  • Image reconstruction from Radon-space data

Image Contrast Mechanisms

  • ρ-weighted, T1-weighted, T2-weighted, T2*-weighted, diffusion-weighted contrasts
  • Typical imaging sequences

Image Resolution and Artifacts

  • Resolution limitation
  • Image artifacts due to nonideal conditions

Selected Topics

  • Fast imaging
  • Biomedical applications

Final exam