ECE 343: Electronic Circuits Lab

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Lab Assignments:

  • Labs must be completed individually.

  • Demo is due at the beginning of lab on the demo date.

  • Ensure that TA checks your work before you leave the lab.

  • Lab grade will be based on lab performance, demo, and correct completion of lab manual.

  • Completed lab manual must be submitted on Canvas by the due date.

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Lab Background Material Tutorial Demo Date
Passive Filters RC Filters Intro
RC Filters 3-dB
RC Filters under Load
Log scale plots
RC filter and OpAmps
LTSpice Tutorial
LM741 LTspice Model

Scopy (Windows) Tutorial
Scopy (Mac) Tutorial
MATLAB sample code
Section 2.1-3.3 : Aug. 29th/Aug. 31st

Section 4.1-4.3 : Sep. 05th/Sep 07th
Diodes Diode Intro
Diode DC analysis
Diode Incremental Analysis
Diode Incremental Analysis Example
Section 3.1-3.4 : Sep. 12th/14th

Section 4.1-4.4 : Sep. 19th/Sep. 21st
MOSFET: Large Signal Model MOSFET Introduction
MOSFET Incremental Analysis
Section 2.1-2.4 : Sep. 26th/Sep. 28th

Section 3.1-3.3 : Oct. 03rd/Oct. 05th
MOSFET Applications Digital Logic Tutorial
Inverter Characteristics, Logic Gates Intro
Logic Gates Design
Section 2-5.1: : Oct.10th/12th

Section 5.2-8.1: Oct. 17th/Oct. 19th
Linear Regulator Design (Section 1-9)
Linear Regulator (Sections 10-12)
Power Supply Design Intro
Zener Diode Basics
Rs Design

Solder 1
Solder 2
Solder 3
D1N4002 Model
UA741 Model
Sections 1 - 5 : Oct. 24th/Oct. 26th
Sections 6 - 8.01 : Oct. 31st/Nov. 02nd
Section 9 : Nov. 07th/ Nov. 09th
Section 10: Nov. 14th/Nov. 16th
Section 11-12 : Nov. 28th/ Nov. 30th