ECE 342 - Electronic Circuits

Fall 2021


Due Date Homework Solution
9/2 Homework Set 1 Solution 1
9/9 Homework Set 2 Solution 2
9/16 Homework Set 3 Solution 3
9/23 Homework Set 4 Solution 4
9/30 Homework Set 5 Solution 5
10/14 Homework Set 6 Solution 6
10/21 Homework Set 7 Solution 7
10/28 Homework Set 8 Solution 8
11/4 Homework Set 9 Solution 9
11/18 Homework Set 10 Solution 10
12/8 Homework Set 11 Solution 11

Homework Grading

  • Homeworks and exams will be graded using gradescope. We have added you to Gradescope.

  • You will be submitting homework using Gradescope as a PDF file. Please refer to the following link and video.

  • Write neatly. Please box the equations you will be solving and the final answer. If we cannot read it we cannot grade it!

  • Homework is due at 7:00 PM (CT) on the due date. Homework will usually be due on Thursdays.

  • Regrade requests must be submitted on Gradescope within one week of grades being posted. All regrade requests must have a brief justification. Please talk to course staff before you submit a regrade request.

  • The lowest two homeworks will not be counted toward your grade.

  • No late homework assignments will be accepted.


  • The Piazza Link to the course is

  • There is a piazza discussion forum for this course. Please post any questions and comments related to lecture material or homework.

  • You are strongly encourage to discuss homework problems but not to post solutions.