ECE 205: Introduction to Electric and Electronic Circuits

Labs begin during the week of 09/07

  • Labs will be every two weeks.

  • Labs can be done in groups of two students. You are free to choose your group within your section.

  • Labs are simulation based and will be done remotely.

  • Attendance in lab session is voluntary. TAs will hold office hours during the scheduled lab time. You can work with the TA and finish the lab during this time if you like.

  • You can attend any lab session, however, you must submit the lab report only to the section you registered for.

  • Lab reports are are always due 11:59 PM the day of the next lab. Lab reports will be submitted on Compass.

Section TA (Primary)
AB2, ABB Ali (aliabavi)
AB1, AB9, AB8 Chirag(cshetty2)
AB3, AB4 An (anzhao2)
AB7, ABA Nancy (yzhao60)
AB6, ABC Lang (lwang111)

Lab 1 (Week 3) Thevenin Challenge

LTSpice Software Download (Windows/Mac) (download installer)
LTSpice Tutorial (.PDF) (download pdf)
LTSpice Remote Access Instructions - use if you cannot install the software locally(.PDF) (download pdf)
Thevenin Challenge (.PDF) (download pdf)
Example Lab Report (.PDF) (download pdf)
Example Lab Report (.DOCX) (download docx)

Lab 2 (Week 5) Regulators

Note: Prelab is due on Friday 7/10 11:59 PM (CST) on Compass

Regulators (.PDF) (download pdf)
LM317 Datasheet (.PDF) (download pdf)

Lab 3 (Week 7) BJT and LTSpice

Note: Prelab is due on Friday 7/17 11:59 PM (CST) on Compass

BJT and LTSpice (.PDF) (download pdf)

Lab 4 (Week 9) NE-555 Timer, R-C Circuits, and Oscilloscope

Generate a transient simulation in lieu of the oscilloscope trace for your report.

NE-555 Timer (.PDF) (download pdf)
NE-555 Timer Datasheet (TI) (.PDF) (download pdf)
NE-555 Timer Datasheet (ST) (.PDF) (download pdf)

Lab 5 (Week 11) RMS and AC Simulation

RMS and AC Simulation(.PDF) (download pdf)

Lab 6 (Week 13) Filters and Op-Amps - Extra Credit

Filters and Op-Amps (.PDF) (download pdf)