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CS 598 DH - Secure Computation

Last offered Spring 2023

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Section Description

This course covers secure multiparty computation (MPC), a suprisingly powerful branch of cryptography that allows mutually untrusting parties to work together to securely run programs on private data. We will discuss both the theory and the practice of this emerging technology. Our discussion will cover computing on encrypted data, zero-knowledge proofs, oblivious RAM, and more. Suggested Prerequisites: CS 374, CS 361. Mathematical maturity is required; participants will be expected to read and write formal definitions/proofs, and to read and present research papers. *Basic* background on probability theory is recommended. Formal cryptography background is explicitly *not* required. For up-to-date information about CS course restrictions, please see the following link:

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Secure ComputationDH39665S341100 - 1215 T R  1214 Siebel Center for Comp Sci David Heath