Class Project

The goal of the project is to create something new while implementing some of the concepts we learn in this class. The ideal research project will lead to a demo or interesting new insights.

Project Scope: Be ambitious. Imagine what an ideal end goal will be and aim for it. We will provide you the required support and guidance to help you achieve it. Your project may lead to research papers in top conferences like ACM SIGCOMM, USENIX NSDI, ACM MobiCom, ACM SenSys, etc. We realize that being ambitious sometimes means that you may not have a complete end product by the end of this class. Don't worry about it. We will grade for effort and innovation. We will also help you identify smaller chunks to demo to the class in your final presentation.

Teams: Students can form teams of 2 to execute on projects. Teams of 3 are also OK, but the expectation on contribution is higher.

Milestones: The project will have the following checkpoints:

  • Project Idea: One page idea description due by Oct 15

  • Project Checkin: One page report due by Nov 10

  • Project Presentation: 10-15 min presentation in-class on Dec 7

  • Project Report: 4-page report concluding the project (approx Dec 17, can be extended to Dec 20)

Project Ideas: You can come up with your own ideas. We have some suggestions. You can modify these suggestions as you see fit.