The 4th Credit Hour
If you are taking this class for four hours credit, you will have to complete either a literature survey or a research project. We won't accept group work.
More details to follow, but here is, briefly, what the two different options entail:
Literature Survey: You need to read and describe several (5-7) NLP papers
 on a particular task or topic, and produce a written report that compares and critiques these approaches.

Research Project: You need to read and describe a few (2–3) NLP papers
 on a particular task, implement an NLP system for this task
 and describe it in a written report.

You will have to first submit a brief proposal to us so that we can approve your topic. To make sure you're on track, we would also like to see a status update later in the semester. But you will only be graded on your final report.
Oct 15: Proposal (Lit Review template: .tex, .pdf; Project template: .tex, .pdf )
Nov 15: Status Update
Dec 9: Final Report
You may want to look at the ACL Anthology to find interesting papers to start with.
Every year, various NLP conferences and workshops organize a number of shared tasks that can make for a great class project.