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Since this is "experimental" course, there are 4 online safety trainings that you need to take before the class starts on Tuesday (each will take ~20 min). What you need to do is:

0. Please respond to this email as soon as you receive this (otherwise TA will keep contacting you until you respond).

1. Go to

2. Sign in with your NetID.

3. Go to the "Training Library" tab on the left side.

4. Search the following training courses and complete them.

  1. Take “Laboratory Safety Training (Part 1&2)
  2. Take “Understanding biosafety”
  3. Take “Chemical Safety: An Introduction”
  4. Take “Laser Safety Training”

5. Email the certificate of each training to

It is important that you finish these trainings to start experiments on the first day!

Please contact TA if you have any questions (