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Physics 435 Advanced Electromagnetism I


Welcome to Physics 435!  Class starts at 10am on Wednesday January 22, 2020 in Loomis Laboratory of Physics (LLP) 144.  This is the first semester of a year long course in Classical Electromagnetic Field Theory.  We will begin with a review of the important results from the introductory course, Physics 212, and some caclulus results from vector field theory.  Keep an eye on your email for the reading assignment for lectrure 1.   In the course of reviewing results from 212, we will develop the differential form of Maxwell's Equations.  This is far more powerful than the integral form that was developed in 212.   Our textbook is Introduction to Electrodynamics by David Griffiths.  I will refer to reading sections in the 4th edition.  You can get this in hardbound or soft bound versions, but I believe the section numbers are the same in both formats even though the pagination is not.  Editions 2 and 3 are also available, but the organization of topics into sections may be different in the different editions.


We will use iClickers in this course.  Please register yours using the links on the student gradebook webpages.  Registration is course-specific.  So even if you have registered your iClicker for another course, you need to register if for this course in order to get credit for participating in the iClicker questions we will have during lecture.


Grading of the course will count 2 midterm exams, the final exam, classroom participation, discussion section participation and the homework assignments.   Your final grade will come from the weighted average of these components:

Two Midterms - 25%

Final Exam - 25%

Homework - 33%

Discussion Section - 12%

Classroom Participation - 5%


Academic Integrity


All activities in this course, including documentation submitted for petition for an excused absence, are subject to the Academic Integrity rules as described in Article 1, Part 4, Academic Integrity, of the Student Code.