Physics 225 Spring 2020

Prof. Ben Hooberman

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Welcome to Physics 225 - Relativity & Math Applications! This website contains all the information for the course.


Plans for remote instruction:

General Information

Class Times and Locations
Lectures Loomis 151,   Tuesdays from 4:00 - 4:50 pm
Discussion Sections    Loomis 64 or Loomis 147, Thursdays and Fridays (see schedule)
Office hours (Thurs 1-3 PM in 275 Loomis, Thurs 3-5 PM in 279 Loomis, Fri 1-4 PM in 279 Loomis):
Thurs 1-2 PM 275 Loomis Loomis Tianhao Wu
Thurs 2-3 PM 275 Loomis Loomis Ben Hooberman
Thurs 3-4 PM 279 Loomis Loomis Michael O'Boyle
Thurs 4-5 PM 279 Loomis Loomis Min Li
Fri 1-2 PM 279 Loomis Loomis Robert McKay
Fri 2-3 PM 279 Loomis Loomis Yumeng Cao
Fri 3-4 PM 279 Loomis Loomis Jinchao Zhao


Course Grading
Your grade in this course will be based on successful completion of the weekly homework assignments (35%), participation in lectures (5%), participation in the discussion sessions (10%), performance on a mid-term exam (15%), and performance on the final exam (35%).
Homework due dates and time
Homework is due at 4 PM on Mondays. Your solutions are to be deposited in the course homework box that is located on the second floor of Loomis Lab, at the entrance to the overpass to the Materials Research Lab (MRL) on the north side. The homework boxes are painted bright yellow; you can't miss them unless you are totally absorbed with texting or Angry Birds.
Late Policy for Homework
If you don't make the deadline, you may turn your homework assignment in by the following Tuesday at 4 PM and receive 80% credit.
Late Policy for Attendance at Discussion Sessions
If you're 10 minutes or more late to discussion section more than once, you will not receive participation credit. You get one free pass to be late to discussion section.
Conflict Exam Rules
Physics 225 does not schedule conflict exam sittings. For final exams, the rules concerning conflicts are outlined in points (5) and (6) of the Student Code - Final Exam section. Point (5) describes the max-2-in-24hr rule: students are not required to take three exams in a 24 hour period. There is a strict order of precedence that determines which courses have to offer you a conflict exam if you have a scheduling collision.
As Phys 225 runs a "non-combined" final and has a relatively small number of students compared with many other 1st or 2nd year classes, it is first in this order, i.e. you will take the conflict exam for your larger classes. If you have a final exam scheduling collision which is not resolved by these rules (e.g. two smaller / "non-combined" courses that collide), email the instructors from all of the courses involved at the same time so that they can work out among themselves who will give you a conflict sitting.