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MSE 404 ELA - Modeling Elasticity

Last offered Spring 2024

Official Description

Experiments include direct hands-on investigations or are performed through computational approaches. Laboratory experiences include both fundamental studies as well as investigations on more applied topics. Course Information: 1.5 undergraduate hours. 1.5 graduate hours. May be repeated if topics vary. Prerequisite: MSE 307 and MSE 308 or permission of instructor. Senior standing.

Section Description

Predicting elastic behavior from atomic bonding in crystal, and microstructure in composites. Hands-on experience with popular microscopic computational materials science and engineering software through project-based learning in electronic structure calculation (Quantum Espresso) and finite element modeling (OOF2). Students will also develop proficiency in the command line interface and bash shell scripting. The course will prioritize the physical principles underlying the software to confer an understanding of their applicability and limitations, and hands-on immersive praxis to give students the confidence and expertise to independently use these tools.

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Modeling ElasticityELA65485B21.51400 - 1650 T R  L416 Digital Computer Laboratory Andre Schleife