Jennifer Amos Marie-Christine Brunet Joan Brown
3242 Everitt Lab 206 Engineering Hall ECEB

Class Assistants: Sara Pfeil and Divya Ashok

With the recent COVID-19 situation (see we are currently planning online instruction. We will email you with updates as soon as we have a completed plan. See


Want to learn to share your passion and to inspire any audience about science and engineering? As engineers, you will impact the health, happiness and safety of our world. Learn the skills to communicate your enthusiasm. This class will concentrate on learning the skills for verbal communication, and the design of effective presentations. It will allow for multiple opportunities to practice what you learned in class.

Expected Course Outcomes

By the end of class, students will be able to:

Class structure:

Required Materials


Attendance and participation (30%): Expectations are that you will watch the recorded videos and participate in Discussion Boards after each lecture (in Compass).  Attending the evening sessions is mandatory.

Writing summaries (25%): Assignments of reading or video critiques will be provided weekly for reflection essays. Will be graded on effort and completion. Journal entries will be submitted in Compass. Due the Monday before class (9am) after assigned week.

Presentations (45%): Three presentations are required for the course - one in Week 2, one in week 5, one in week 7. These will be graded by rubric in elocution, content, poise, passion, and adherence to EA style by both peers and instructors.You will also interact with a partner for presentations and team performance will be assessed. Teams will change between initial exercise and end of term. Rubric for first presentations. Rubric for later presentations.

Teams' presentations will be submitted here in compass.

Grading Scale
A+ > 97%
A > 90%
B > 80%
C > 70%
D > 60%
F < 60%

Grades will be maintained in Compass

Because we have class on Wednesday evenings, your other classes must provide a conflict exam in case their exam is on wednesday evening 7-8:50pm; per the Student Code

Schedule (tentative)

Week  Date Mon 9AM Date  Wed 9 AM Wed 7PM  Assignment
1 3/23/20 Intro to Class 3/25/20 First presentation details and Partner activity  No class Topic Due 3/30 before 9am
2 3/30/20 Presentation Planning and Feedback 4/1/20 Problem with Powerpoint Presentations in teams Reflection Journal Due 4/6 by 9am
3 4/6/20 Training - Content Part I 4/8/20 Training - Content Part II Online video critique session Reflection Journal Due by 4/13 9am
4 4/13/20 Training - Visual Aids Part I 4/15/20 Training - Visual Aids Part II Practice and work time - mandatory Reflection Journal Due by 4/20 9am
5 4/20/20 Training - Delivery Part I 4/22/20 Training - Delivery Part II Presentations in teams Reflection Journal Due by 4/27 9am
6 4/27/20 Partner Dynamics 4/29/20 Other communication Topics (Mamaril) Practice and work time - mandatory Reflection Journal Due by 5/4 9am
7 5/4/20 Conclusion 5/6/20 No class - relax Presentations in teams Last reflection journal due by reading day 1pm


Syllabus written and maintained by Dr. Jenny Amos and Asst. Dean Marie-Christine Brunet
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Last updated: March 19, 2020