Course ScheduleΒΆ

The course schedule would be adjusted according to the course progress and students’ interests. Please send email to course instructor/TA if you are particularly interested in a specific topic. In each lecture, we will discuss one or two papers and the other papers will be optional reading.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Aug 26
Aug 27
Lec-1: Introduction: Memory & Storage Systems
Assignment-0: student information sheet
Aug 28
Aug 29
Lec-2: Big Memory Management
Reading: DirectSegment (ISCA'13)
Optional: Igens (OSDI'16), RMM (ISCA'16), SpaceJMP (ASPLOS'16)
Aug 30
Sep 2
Labor Day
Sep 3
Lec-3: Virtual Memory and Address Translation
Reading: MIX TLB (ASPLOS'17)
Optional: SpecTLB (ISCA'11), Mallacc (ASPLOS'17)
Assignment-1: Test your machine's memory hierarchy
Sep 4 Sep 5
Lec-4: Non-Volatile Memory
Reading: PMFS (EuroSys'14, Best Paper)
Optional: PCM (ISCA'09), BPFS (SOSP'09), NOVA (FAST'16) Mnemosyne (ASPLOS'11), NV-Heaps (ASPLOS'11), Aerie (EuroSys'14)
Sep 6
Sep 9 Sep 10
Lec-5: Memory Persistency
Reading: Memory Persistency (ISCA'14)
Optional: Kiln (MICRO'13), Persistent Transactions (ASPLOS'15), Proteus (MICRO'17)
Sep 11 Sep 12
Lec-6: Distributed NVM
Reading: Mojim (ASPLOS'15)
Optional: Kamino-Tx (EuroSys'17), NV-Tree (FAST'15),
Sep 13
Assignment-1 Due (Deadline: 11:59pm Sep 15)
Sep 16 Sep 17
Lec-7: Programming Model for NVM
Reading: Espresso (ASPLOS'18), AutoPersist (PLDI'19)
Optional: Write-Rationing GC (PLDI'18),
Assignment-2 Released
Sep 18 Sep 19
Lec-8: Flash Memory
Reading: FlashMap (ISCA'15), FlatFlash (ASPLOS'19)
Optional: DFTL (ASPLOS'09), MARS (SOSP'13), Transactional Flash (OSDI'08), F2FS (FAST'15)
Sep 20
Sep 23 Sep 24
Lec-9: Software Defined Flash
Reading: FlashBlox (FAST'17), App-Managed Flash (FAST'16)
Optional: SDF (ASPLOS'14), LightNVM (FAST'17)
Sep 25 Sep 26
Lec-10: Predictable Storage Performance
Reading: MittOS (SOSP'17)
Optional: Split-Level I/O Scheduling (SOSP'15), Differentiated Storage (SOSP'11)
Sep 27
Assignment-2 Due (Deadline: 11:59pm Sep 29)
Sep 30 Oct 1
Lec-11: Near-Storage Computing I
Reading: Willow (OSDI'14), Biscuit (ISCA'16),
Optional: Summarizer (MICRO'17)
Oct 2 Oct 3
Lec-12: Near-Storage Computing II
Reading: BlueDBM (ISCA'15), TOM (ISCA'16)
Optional: Morpheus (ISCA'16)
Oct 4
Oct 7 Oct 8
Lec-13: Heterogeneous Memory Systems
Reading: Strata (SOSP'17)
Optional: Data Tiering (EuroSys'16), NVDIMM (MICRO'16), Stacked DRAM (MICRO'14)
Oct 9 Oct 10
Lec-14: Reliable Storage Systems
Reading: Container-based FS (OSDI'14)
Optional: Push-Button Verification (OSDI'16, Best Paper), FS Model Checking (OSDI'04, Best Paper), Differential RAID (EuroSys'10)
Oct 11
Summary of related work (Due: 11:59pm Friday, Oct 11)
Oct 14 Oct 15
Lec-15: Secure Memory System
Reading: InvisiSpec (MICRO'18)
Optional: Memory Errors (ASPLOS'15), DEUCE (ASPLOS'15)
Oct 16 Oct 17
Lec-16: Secure Storage System
Reading: FlashGuard (CCS'17), TimeSSD (EuroSys'19)
Optional: Storage Security Evaluation (FAST'02)
Oct 18
Project Proposal (Due: 11:59pm Oct 20)
Oct 21 Oct 22
Lec-17: In-Memory Storage Systems
Reading: RAMCloud (SOSP'13)
Optional: FaRM (NSDI'14), Log-structured Memory (FAST'14)
Oct 23 Oct 24
Lec-18: Project Proposal Presentation
Oct 25
Oct 28 Oct 29
Lec-19: High-Performance In-Memory Applications
Reading: In-Memory Transaction Processing (SOSP'15)
Optional: In-Memory Databases (SOSP'13), Phase Reconciliation (OSDI'14)
Oct 30 Oct 31
Lec-20: Rack-Scale Storage I
Reading: Disaggregated Memory (ISCA'09),
Optional: ReFlex (ASPLOS'17) Flash Storage Disaggregation (EuroSys'16), QuickSAN (ISCA'13)
Nov 1
Nov 4 Nov 5
Lec-21: Rack-Scale Storage II
Reading: InfiniSwap (NSDI'17)
Optinonal: Network Requirement for Resource Disaggregation (OSDI'16)
Nov 6 Nov 7
Lec-22: Distributed Storage
Reading: Skyway (ASPLOS'18), Optional: IOFlow (SOSP'13), Virtual IOPS (EuroSys'14), Consistency-Based SLA (SOSP'13)
Nov 8
Nov 11 Nov 12
Lec-23: Memory Management in Systems Virtualization
Reading: VMware ESX (OSDI'02), Hardware-Assisted Page Walks (ISCA'12)
Optional: VSwapper (ASPLOS'14), 2D Page Walks (ASPLOS'08)
Nov 13 Nov 14
Lec-24: Storage for Hardware Accelerators
Reading: GPUfs (ASPLOS'13)
Optional: Cohesion (ISCA'10), ActivePointers (ISCA'16)
Nov 15
Nov 18 Nov 19
Lec-25: Memory for Hardware Accelerators
Reading: Address Translation for GPU (ASPLOS'14)
Nov 20 Nov 21
Lec-26: Mobile/Wearable/IoT Storage
Reading: WearDrive (USENIX ATC'15, Best Paper), SummaryStore (SOSP'17)
Optional: Revisiting Mobile Storage (FAST'12), BtrDB (FAST'16)
Nov 22
Nov 25 Nov 26
No Class (Fall Break)
Nov 27 Nov 28
No Class (Fall Break)
Nov 29
Dec 2 Dec 3
Lec-27: When Memory/Storage Meet Networking
Reading: IncBricks (ASPLOS'17), NetCache (SOSP'17)
Optional: sRoute (FAST'16), Page Fault for Network Controller (ASPLOS'17)
Dec 4 Dec 5
Lec-28: Large-Scale Distributed Storage Systems
Reading: Spanner (OSDI'12),
Optional: SVE (SOSP'17), F4 (OSDI'14), Azure Storage (SOSP'13)
Dec 6
Dec 9 Dec 10
Lec-29:Course Summary, In-class Discussion
Dec 11 Dec 12
No Class
Dec 13
Dec 16 Dec 17 Dec 18 Dec 19
Lec-30: Final Project Presentation (tentative)
Dec 20