ECE 530 (Fall 2021)

Analysis Techniques for Large-Scale Electric Systems 

Subhonmesh Bose (boses at illinois dot edu) 
Class hours:
Mon & Wed 10:00am -- 11:20am (central time). Zoom link is posted on Canvas!
Office hours
TBD.TR 2:00pm-3:20pm
Canvas for lecture notes and class discussions.
Illinois Media Space for lecture videos. Links will be shared on Canvas.
Gradescope for homework and exam submission (code: KYXB3W).


(1) Power flow equations, (2) Linear and nonlinear estimation in power systems, (3) Numerical integration of power system dynamics, (4) solution of linear system of equations.

The first part of the course will cover topics (1), (2) and (3). This part will motivate the problems from an application standpoint and reduce each problem to the solution of a large linear system of equations. The second half of the course will cover topic (4) in detail.


Circuit analysis, basic calculus, 


No required texts. I will share class notes. The following references may prove useful. 


Homework assignments will be due every two weeks (deadlines will be explicitly mentioned). You are encouraged to collaborate with other students. You must, however, mention your collaborators and all sources that you use.
Timed take-home exam. Collaboration is not allowed. Usable resources will be mentioned on the question paper. 
Timed take-home exam. Collaboration is not allowed. Usable resources will be mentioned on the question paper.


Grading is on an absolute scale, delineated below. The cutoffs may be lowered for each letter grade in favor of the student.

A: 88% and up
B: 78% to 88%
C: 67% to 78%
D: 55% to 67%