Assignments and Exams

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Lecture Notes

The videos of the lectures will also be available on Illinois Media Space on the ECE 490 Channel .

Course Details

This is a senior/first year graduate-level course on optimization. Topics include necessary and sufficient conditions for local optima; characterization of convex sets and functions; unconstrained optimization, gradient descent and it variants; constrained optimization and the gradient projection method; optimization with equality and inequality constraints, Lagrange multipliers, KKT conditions; penalty and barrier function methods; weak and strong duality and Slater conditions; augmented Lagrangian methods; sub-gradient methods; proximal gradient descent; applications.
Prerequisites: Linear algebra at the level of Math 415, programming skills at the level of ECE 220.

Textbook: D. Bertsekas. Nonlinear Programming, Athena Scientific, 2016.

Other References:
S. Boyd and L. Vandenberghe, Convex Optimization, Cambridge University Press, 2004.
D. Luenberger and Y. Ye. Linear and Nonlinear Programming, Springer, 2008.

Grading: Homework = 45%, Midterm = 15%, Porject = 15%, Final = 25%.