Homework Assignments and Exams

Note: Please submit your homework assignments on Gradescope. Scan your handwritten solutions into a pdf file to submit. At the time of submission please don't forget indicate which page/s contain the answers to each of the questions.

Computer Assignments

Note: Computer assignments are to be done in assigned groups. Each student in a group will be awarded the same points after the assignment is graded. The code should be uploaded by a single member of the group on Compass2g before the due date, 5:00 PM. In case you have mutiple files, upload a zipped folder. One student from each group must meet with either of the TAs during the TA office hours on the due date to demonstrate their code (through screen sharing on Zoom) and get the assignment graded -- the other members can be in Zoom meeting to answer questions. Each group will be assigned a time slot for for this purpose in the period from 5:00 PM -- 7:00 PM on the due date.

Check the assigned groups and time slots here.

Lecture Notes and Handouts

Note: The videos of the lectures will also be available on Illinois Media Space on the ECE 490 Channel .

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