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Lab Grading Criteria And Files

PINNED Lab Syllabus: Click to download (PDF file)

Prelabs are always due in dropbox 3077 ECEB, on Monday of the week when you have labs. (note: there is no prelab 0.)

Grade Rubric Files Report Templates
05% Lab 0 Matlab 0
Matlab 1
LabReport0.m, controllerlab0.mdl, StepResponseMetrics.m

Intro to Matlab & Equipment
(.doc, .docx)

07% Lab 1 Analog Computer Manual (pdf)
Visio: Analog Comp. & Wires
Op Amp Tutorial (doc)

Simulation Using the Analog Computer
(.tex, .doc, .docx)

08% Lab 2 Making Time Domain Estimates (See also an advanced estimation example in Lab 5 below)

Digital Simulation
(.tex, .doc, .docx)

10% Lab 3 Prelab Template (.doc)(.docx)

Digital Simulation of
a Closed Loop System (a DC Motor)
(.tex, .doc, .docx)

15% Lab 4 Ch 4.5-6, Automatic Control,
prelab file, wiring diagrams

Introduction to DC Motor
(.tex, .doc, .docx)

15% Lab 5 wiring diagrams, Prelab Template (.doc)(.docx), estimation example (you may need it for Table 4, Lab 5 report)

PD Control Using Analog
Computer and Windows Target
(.tex, .doc, .docx)

15% Lab 6 35670A DSA Datasheet,
DSA notes (pdf)

Lead Controller Design
(.tex, .doc, .docx)

25% Project Overview
Packet (pdf) (word)
*please do not print these in the lab
Part3 m-file
Prelab Template (.doc)(.docx) (Due: April 20)

Stabilizing the
Reaction Wheel Pendulum

TAs & Office Hours (Zoom meeting link:

Hussein Sibai: 10am -12pm Mondays, 3077 ECEB;

Yinai Fan: 12pm - 2pm Mondays, 3077 ECEB;

Usman Ahmed Syed: 2pm - 4pm Mondays, 3077 ECEB;

Spring2020: ECE 486 Lab Schedule (Zoom meeting link for labs:

Week Lab Group
Jan. 20 No Labs
Jan. 27 Lab 0 All
Feb. 3 Lab 1* All
Feb. 10 Lab 2* All
Feb. 17 Lab 3* All
Feb. 24 Lab 4 A**
Mar. 2 Lab 4 B**
Mar. 9 Lab 5 A
Mar. 16 Spring Break!
Mar. 23 Lab 5 B
Mar. 30 Final Project I All
Apr. 6 Lab 6 All
Apr. 13 No lab All
Apr. 20 Final Project II All
Apr. 27 Final Project III All
May. 4 Final Project IV All

* Group A meets the first 90 min, group B meets the last 90 min;
**Group partition will be decided at the beginning of Lab 0.

Spring 2020: Weekly Schedule for ECEB 3077

Time Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri
9:00 am     ECE 486 Lab    
10:00 am Lab Office Hour   ECE 486 Lab    
11:00 am Lab Office Hour ECE 486 Lab ECE 486 Lab ECE 486 Lab  
12:00 pm Lab Office Hour ECE 486 Lab   ECE 486 Lab  
1:00 pm Lab Office Hour ECE 486 Lab   ECE 486 Lab  
2:00 pm Lab Office Hour   ECE 486 Lab    
3:00 pm Lab Office Hour ECE 486 Lab ECE 486 Lab ECE 486 Lab  
4:00 pm   ECE 486 Lab ECE 486 Lab ECE 486 Lab  
5:00 pm   ECE 486 Lab   ECE 486 Lab  
6:00 pm          


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