ECE 483: Analog IC Design (Spring-2016)


05/02/2016: Project templates are posted on the website
04/13/2016: Project is posted on the webpage
04/11/2016: Midterm-2 solutions are posted on the webpage
04/04/2016: Past exams & solutions posted for midterm-II
02/22/2016: Past exams & solutions posted for midterm-I
02/19/2016: Homework grades are posted on compass illinois2g
02/16/2016: Lecture video 07 is updated
02/10/2016: ECE342 materials posted for reference
02/08/2016: MATLAB script for plots uploaded on webpage (Cadence Demo Section)
02/05/2016: Prof. Hanumolu office hour move to Room 4026
01/21/2016: HW-1 posted on the webpage
01/19/2016: Welcome to ECE 483