Course Description

The goal of this course is to give students hands-on experience in the design, configuration and evaluation of digital communication systems through software defined radios. The course will introduce students to various components of a digital transceiver. It will also cover various Internet of Things (IoT) communication technologies used today. Students will learn through lab driven experiments on USRP software defined radios.

Discussion Section: Tuesday, 1:00pm - 1:50pm, Zoom

Labs: Remote access

Instructor: Thomas Moon (tmoon@)

Office Hours: Wednesday, 1:00pm - 1:50pm, Zoom

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of communications or ECE 361 or 461 or 459

Recommended Textbooks: (available in reserves at Grainger Library)
  • Signal Processing Techniques for Software Radio by Behrouz Farhang- Boroujeny. 2nd Edition.
  • Software Receiver Design: Build your Own Digital Communication System in Five Easy Steps, 1st ed., by Johnson, Sethares & Klein, Cambridge Univ. Press publisher.

Lecture Attendance Policy: We invite relevant questions and comments during lectures. Address your questions and comments to the entire class; avoid disruptive behavior such as talking to neighbors, unless the instructor invites you to form discussion groups. Kindly turn off or mute cell phones, laptop computers, and other electronic devices during lectures.

Grading policy

  • Attendance: 10%
  • Labs: 70%
  • Term project: 20%


Week Lectures Labs
Discussion #1: Introduction - Overview & Logistics [pdf]
Discussion #2: Software Defined Radios & Up/Down Conversion [pdf]
Lab #1: Introduction to LabView (due 6/26) [pdf]
Discussion #3: Pulse Shapping and Matched Filtering [pdf]
Discussion #4: Modulation I: Coherent & Non-coherent modulation, Channel distortion, DBPSK, Frame Synchronization [pdf]
Lab #2: Introduction to USRP (due 7/3) [pdf]
Discussion #5: Modulations II: ASK, FSK [pdf]
Discussion #6: Channel Equalization [pdf]
Lab #3: Pulse Shapping and Matched Filtering (due 7/10) [pdf]
Discussion #7: Carrier Recovery, CFO Estimation and Correction, Phase Tracking
Discussion #8: Modulation III: PSK, QAM, ML, BER vs. SNR, AGC & Quantization
Lab #4: Modulation Part I: DBPSK & Frame Synchronization (due 7/17)
Discussion #9: OFDM I
Discussion #10: OFDM II
Lab #5: Modulation Part II: ASK, FSK (due 7/24)
Discussion #11: IoT I: LoRa and CSS
Discussion #12: IoT II: Backscatter Communication
Lab #6: Channel Estimation & Correction (due 7/31)
Discussion #13: IoT III: Bluetooth, FHSS, DSSS Lab #7: CFO Estimation & Correction (due 8/7)
Term project No lab