ECE 457 Spring 2020

Meeting Time:

9:30 - 10:50AM,  4070 ECEB


Microwave Engineering, 4th edition, David Pozar, Wiley

Required software:

Required software: Advanced Design Systems


ECE 329 (must have), ECE 340 (good to have), and ECE 350 (good to have)

Course website:

Course Instructor:

Professor Xu Chen

5040 ECEB

Office hour:


Course TA:


Office hour:

Thursdays 11AM – noon, 5034 ECEB

Course Goals:

The goal of this course is to develop students’ design, analysis, and evaluation skills at microwave frequencies where lumped elements (e.g., resistors, capacitors, inductors) are no longer appropriate. Through problem-solving and design activities, the course will introduce students to passive (85%) and active(15%) microwave devices, including filters, switches, mixers, couplers, power dividers, and diplexers, that constitute wireless communication systems between the antenna and the digital signal processor.

Student Integrity:

Students are expected to conduct themselves according to the University’s policies on academic integrity ( Violation of these rules will be handled according to University policies.

Problem Set:

Problem sets are due weekly on Thursdays by midnight.

Late problem sets will not be accepted unless under exceptional circumstances approved by the instructor.

Regrade Request:

Submit the scanned copy of the homework under question along with a written description (word/pdf), explaining in detail why you think a correction should be made (you can use a smart phone scanner app, such as CamScan).

Please direct your HW re-grading requests to Cara, test re-grading to Xu.

Problem Set Solutions:

Problem set solutions may be posted. The responsibility is yours to make sure you find out how to solve the problems by getting help before they are due.


Midterm in-lecture (50 mins, Thurs 3/5)

Final exam (3 hours, Mon 5/11 7PM, cumulative)

Both exams will be open notebook/open homework. No textbook/calculator is allowed


Problem Sets: 10%

Design Projects: 20%

Midterm Exam 30%

Final exam (Cumulative) 40%