ECE 457 Spring 2020


Meeting time:

9:30 - 10:50AM,  4070 ECEB



1.     Microwave Engineering, 4th edition, David Pozar, Wiley

2.     Fundamentals of Microwave and RF Design, 3rd Edition, Michael Steer

3.     Recommended: ECE 329 text, Erhan Kudeki

4.     Recommended: ECE 350 text, Erhan Kudeki


Required software:

Advanced Design Systems



ECE 329 and ECE 350 (recommended)


Course website:


Course Instructor:

Professor Xu Chen


5040 ECEB


Office hour:

Fridays 3-4PM, 5040 ECEB





Course TA:

Cara Yang


Office hour:

Thursdays 11AM – noon, 5034 ECEB


Course Goals:

The goal of this course is to develop students’ design, analysis, and evaluation skills at microwave frequencies where lumped elements (e.g., resistors, capacitors, inductors) are no longer appropriate. Through problem-solving and design activities, the course will introduce students to passive (85%) and active(15%) microwave devices, including filters, switches, mixers, couplers, power dividers, and diplexers, that constitute wireless communication systems between the antenna and the digital signal processor.


Student Integrity:

Students are expected to conduct themselves according to the University’s policies on academic integrity ( Violation of these rules will be handled according to University policies.



Problem sets are assigned on Compass2G (

Problem sets are due Thursdays on Compass2G by 11:59pm.



Late problem sets will not be accepted unless under exceptional circumstances approved by the instructor.



Regrade Request:

Submit the scanned copy of the homework under question along with a written description (word/pdf), explaining in detail why you think a correction should be made (you can use a smart phone scanner app, such as CamScan).


Please direct your HW re-grading requests to Cara, test re-grading to Prof. Chen.


Problem Set Solutions:

Problem set solutions will be provided on Compass2G. The responsibility is yours to make sure you know how to solve the problems. Help is available from Prof. Chen, Cara, and fellow students.



Midterm in-lecture (50 mins, Thurs 3/5 in class)

Final exam (3 hours, Mon 5/11 7PM-10PM, cumulative)

Both exams will be closed notes/book but you may bring one 8.5x11 handwritten sheet of notes.



Problem Sets: 10%


Design Projects: 30%


Midterm Exam 20%


Final exam (Cumulative) 40%


Tentative Schedule (subject to change):


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