4-Credit Section

Four-credit students will read articles from the professional literature in artificial intelligence, and take quizzes about them on PrairieLearn.

Quizzes will be due Mondays beginning 1/29 (with late penalties incurred according to the standard mild practice of CS 440/ECE 448). Each quiz will be based on an article posted one week before the quiz. The quiz will consist of two multiple-choice questions, but with a catch: each multiple choice question will have some right answers and some wrong answers, and you’ll be scored based on the proportion of answers that you correctly mark as True vs. False (thus, in effect, it’s several True/False questions, not just one multiple choice question). You will be able to take as much time as you wish to answer each question, but you will only be allowed to press “Submit” once.

If you are in the 4-credit section, and find that you don’t have access to the quiz on PrairieLearn, please tell the instructor.