Midterm Exam I

  • Date: March 4
  • Time: 7:00-9:00 pm CT
  • Location: CBTF
  • Logistics:

    Please login to to https://cbtf.engr.illinois.edu/sched and make sure you're registered. So far I only see less than 50 students have registered.
    Please review https://cbtf.engr.illinois.edu/cbtf-online/students/preparation.html if you haven't done so.
    For students who need DRES accommodation, please follow the instruction at https://cbtf.engr.illinois.edu/cbtf-online/students/dres.html I strongly suggest that you should take the exam on the same date and time as others. You can start to take the exam two hour earlier (5pm) than the original exam starting time (7pm).
    There are students w/ conflicts. I communicated with them and they will start to take the exam at either 5pm or 9pm. However, it looks like 9pm through CBTF is not possible. Currently, only Friday 8am slot works.
    Please read the CBTF instruction for students (just updated). A few important items are as follows:
    A calculator is allowed.
    No formula sheet is allowed. Initially I said I would allow a half page, single-sided physical formular sheet, but looking at the exam problems and considering the scope of the summary slides, I don't feel it's needed. Besides, the CBTF only allows 1 page, double-sided formular sheet which is too much, given that I significantly narrowed down the number of slides that you need to study. If an equation is needed, I will provide it in the exam sheet (except very basic and intuitive ones that can be easily derived from your understanding).
    You will be able to access the exam sheet through Gradescope that will be available as soon as the exam start.
    You write your answers on papers, scan or photo-copy of your answer sheets with your phone camera (e.g., CamScanner is highly recommended).

  • Midterm I Solutions: [sp21]
  • Midterm I Regrades due TBD