The use of ece350-jupyter server requires the use of campus VPN on your laptop to connect to the "" network.

Please download the VPN from webstore and start the VPN prior to accessing ece350-jupyter.engrit

Note: When launches on your browser for the first time your browser will warn you about an insecure link ... you need to disregard this warning and request the browser to connect to the server.

You will not see the same warning in your subsequent uses of the server on the same browser.

After first login to the Jupyter server open a Terminal from the top-right pulldown menu named "New" and run the following command within the terminal launched by the server to setup a "pylab" computing environment in your instance of the server:

pip install matplotlib numpy scipy --user

You can now launch new Python 3 notebooks from the same New pulldown menu to create new Jupyter notebooks for your computing needs.