ECE 340: Semiconductor Devices

Prof. Umberto Ravaioli


Prof. Umberto Ravaioli
2062 ECE Building

Office Hours: TBD
Lecture: 2015 ECEB
Section A, MWF 10:00am


Prof. Wei He
3058 ECE Building

Office Hours: TBD
Lecture: 2015 ECEB and online
Section A, MWF 10:00am


Prof. Simeon Bogdanov
3262 MNTL

Office Hours: TBD
Lecture: 2017 ECEB
Section X, MWF 12:00pm 



Information on office hours will be posted when finalized. Please, contact an instructor to arrange a meeting at non-scheduled times.



Mark Kraman


Kevin Pikul


Mingye Xiong


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Course Announcements

  • Following campus directives, the first week of classes will be held online via Zoom to allow incoming students to be tested for COVID-19 and get clearance for access to instructional facilities.  Teaching should revert to in-person beginning with the second week of classes.  However, the progression of the pandemic will be closely monitored and changes may occur if necessary.  ZOOM links for the first week of classes will be made available to registered students soon. 
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Homework1: Due Jan 28th

Homework2: Due Feb 4th

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