Computer Science Department

CS 598: Special Topics: Approximation Algorithms

Chandra Chekuri

Spring 2009

Course Projects

Instead of the last 3 homeworks, you can choose to do a course project. The project can involve research on a particular problem or topic in approximation algorithms, a survey of several papers on a topic, an application or implementation of approximation algorithms to a problem in your research area, etc. Other project ideas are also acceptable; please talk to us about any such ideas you have.

A list (that will be updated) of potential project topics and relevant papers is given below. If you would like to work on a specific topic not on this list, please discuss it with us over the next week.

You can work on the project in a group with one other person (that is, in groups of size 2). Each group must prepare a 6-page report and a ~25 minute presentation summarizing their project; these are due at the end of the semester.

Project Topic List: