These figures show, in order, (1) a peer to peer system (Gnutella), (2) a sensor network, (3) clouds (!), (4) the Internet ISP topology, and (5) a food  web in a biological ecosystem.


CS 525 Spring 2010

Advanced Distributed Systems

[Tuesdays and Thursdays] @ [12.30 PM - 1.45 PM] @ [Siebel Center 1131]


Instructor: Dr. Indranil Gupta ("Indy"), indy at cs dawt illinois dawt edu, 3112 SC.

Office hours: Tuesdays 2.00 pm - 3.00 pm, and Thursdays 3.00 pm - 4.00 pm (class days only) in 3112 SC.

TA: Brian Cho, bcho2 at cs dawt illinois dawt edu, Office hours by appointment.

Class Newsgroup: class.sp10.cs525. Instructions on accessing newsgroups.

Important Links and Handouts

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Course Information [pdf] Student Survey [pdf] Course Blurb/Advert [pdf]
Project Resources and Interesting Links [htm] Structuring Your Project Code [pdf]
 writing your project survey/midterm/final report [htm]

sample review form for midterm report [TXT]


Tips and Instructions (link for Reviews and Presentations)


Best Paper Awards! (Announced 5/10/2010)



This is a course on distributed systems. It brings together research centered in theory, on peer-to-peer systems, on cloud computing, and on sensor networks. The course reviews classical work in these scattered areas of distributed computing research, and explores overlaps across them. The course has one semester-long project that is aimed at producing a conference/workshop-quality research paper. The paper must address an open research problem, prove bounds and/or propose new algorithms, and contain analytical and experimental evaluation. Previous course projects have had high success rates at conferences/workshops (see past CS525/CS598IG projects at the bottom of this page). Three to five "best projects'' at the end of the semester will be earmarked for expedited submission to a renowned conference, with the help of the instructor's involvement even after the semester is over. 

Experimental Testbeds: You can request Indy for a PlanetLab slice, or Emulab project, or CCT (Cloud Computing Testbed) account, or AWS (Amazon Web Services) account (there are limited number of slots available for each: about 5 projects on each testbed). There will be a very limited number of project accounts available on each of these systems. Therefore, (1) all requests will be granted on an as-needed basis, and (2) you will be given an account on typically only one of these testbeds, so please choose carefully depending on your project requirements!


(Announced 5/10/2010)

Award Winners: The Best Final Project Paper Award in this semester's CS525 is jointly awarded to the following two groups (in no particular order):

Runners-Up and Special Mentions: Were also announced - please see your email.


Congratulations to everyone on a job very well done!

Latest News

5/10/2010: This course is now over. You should have received feedback on your final report via email from Indy (if you have not, please email Indy). You will hear about your course grade through the University. Have a good summer!

2/2: Signup Sheet for Project Discussion Meetings is posted on the class.sp10.cs525 newsgroups. Please sign up! (groups of 2)

1/28: If you have not been able to sign up for a presentation slot, please send email to Indy as soon as possible!

1/26: Thursday office hours have been changed to 3-4 pm this week onwards.

1/21: Please sign up for a presentation slot by January 31st (go to Indy's office hours after class). For your options see the "Schedule" link above.

1/19: First lecture.

1/14: Course web page online. Happy New Year!

Policies on Ethics, Attribution and Cheating

Some Past CS525/CS598IG Projects that were Subsequently Published in Conferences/Journals (check for copies of papers)

Some Fall 2003 CS 598IG Project Papers that became conference/journal papers

Some Fall 2004 CS 598IG Project Papers that became conference/journal papers

Some Spring 2006 CS598IG Project Papers that became conference papers (some under submission)

Some Spring 2007 CS525 Project Papers that became conference papers (some under submission)

Spring 2008 CS525 Project Papers that became conference papers (in no particular order)

Spring 2009 CS525 Best Final Project Papers in class (project names withheld since in-progress)

If you would like to see copies of any of these papers, please drop by my office.

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