CS 473: Grading Policies

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask in lecture, during office hours, on the course newsgroup, or by email.

Graded homeworks and exams

Regrade requests

Final course grades

The following is a sketch of the algorithm how the final grade is going to be computed. The instructor reserves the right to fiddle with it before computing the final grades if necessary (but judging by previous semesters no changes would be necessary).
Justification of grading undergrads and graduates separately: Graduate students tend to do considerably better in this class than undergrads. As such, grading the two separate groups on the same curve would have the effect of crowding out undergrads from getting an A or an A-. In addition, the work required of graduate student might be different, as they might be required to do extra homework problems (or extra homeworks) and extra problems on exams. Notice, that the grading policy described above (or something very similar to it) was used in the past when significant number of graduate students took this class.