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CS 440/ECE 448
Fall 2021
Margaret Fleck

Quizzes and final exam

There will be seven closed book exams/quizzes: six quizzes and a short final exam. See the lecture schedule for the dates. Skills lists for each quiz/exam will appear here.

Unless otherwise specified, quizzes are on moodle and will be available from 7am to noon central time. Each quiz will be 30 minutes long.

Our final will be open Thursday the 16th, 1:30-4:30pm and also (conflict) 8-11am Wednesday the 15th. The final is 30 minutes long, like the earlier quizzes, and will cover the last couple topics.

Skills lists

These should be regarded as tentative until a week before each quiz.

Quiz 1 (Wednesday 15 September)

Quiz 2 (Wednesday 29 September)

Quiz 3 (Wednesday 13 October)

Quiz 4 (Wednesday 27 October)

Quiz 5 (Wednesday 10 November)

Quiz 6 (Wednesday 1 December)

Final = Quiz 7 (Thursday 16 December) (Conflict is 8-11am Wednesday the 15th.)

General exam/quiz instructions

The exams and quizzes are closed book. You may not use notes, communicate with other people, consult the web, etc.

Please tell the course staff about any apparent bugs or technical problems encountered during the exam/quiz.

Unless we explicitly tell you otherwise, exam/quiz answers should be typed directly into the answer boxes. Do not try to upload pictures of handwritten work (which our exam platform usually makes impossible). Cut and paste from your favorite editor is strongly discouraged, because it frequently leads to messed-up formatting.

Points may be deducted for solutions which are correct but excessively complicated, hard to understand, poorly explained, incomplete, or excessively hard to read.

Assume that answers require brief justification/work, unless there is clear indication to the contrary (e.g. it's a multiple-choice question, it's asking you to repeat back a standard formula).