CS/ECE 374
Chandra Chekuri (chekuri)
Teaching Assistants
Antoine DeJong (adejong)
Mark Idleman (midlema2)
Muhammad Samir Khan (mskhan6)
Kevin Li (kevinli3)
Sahand Mozaffari (sahandm2)
Srihita Vatsavaya (vatsava2)
Jia Wang (jiawang4)
Qian Zhang (qzhang63)
Course Assistants
Lengyue Chen
Victor Ge
Ryley Higa
Yichia Huang
Peter Ivanov
Nanjiang Jiang
Samuel Lou
Kush Mittal
Gaurav Pasari
He Qu
Sachin Ravichandran
Xiyao Shi
Phillip Shih
Samuel Stephens
Qiwen Wang
Simiao Ye









Regular weekly schedule

Tue Thu 11:00-12:15, 1002 ECE Building
All labs meet every Wednesday and Friday.
- There are no sections A & I. -
Section B: Samir 10:00-10:50 1214 Siebel
Section C: Srihita 11:00-11:50 1214 Siebel
Section D: Qian 12:00-12:50 1214 Siebel
Section E: Mark 1:00-1:50 1214 Siebel
Section F: Kevin 2:00-2:50 1214 Siebel
Section G: Kevin 3:00-3:50 1214 Siebel
Section H: Jia 1:00-1:50 1302 Siebel
Section J: Antoine 2:00-2:50 1302 Siebel
Section K: Sahand 3:00-3:50 1302 Siebel
Section L: Sahand 4:00-4:50 1302 Siebel
Office hours:
All in the Theory Lounge on the 3rd floor of Siebel
Samir Monday 12-1 Theory Lounge Siebel
Jia Monday 2-3 Theory Lounge Siebel
Sahand Monday 5-6 Theory Lounge Siebel
Antoine Tuesday 9-10 Theory Lounge Siebel
Kevin Tuesday 2-3 Theory Lounge Siebel
Qian Tuesday 5-6 Theory Lounge Siebel
Mark Thursday 2-3 Theory Lounge Siebel
Srihita Friday 12-1 Theory Lounge Siebel
Chandra Friday 3:30-4:30 Theory Lounge Siebel
Due Wednesdays at 10am, uploaded to Gradescope
Homeworks are released at least one week before the due date.
Under normal circumstances, graded homeworks should be returned within two weeks of submission.
For review and self-study only; no deadlines and no effect on final course grade

Website generously borrowed from those of previous semesters.