CS/ECE 374A fa20: Grading Policies

Graded work : Regrade requests : Final course grades : rubric template.

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask in lecture, during office hours, or on EdStem.

Graded work

Partial credit

Partial credit is given for work that is very close to being correct. We will give zero points for long and tedious solutions (i.e., solutions that are longer than the official solutions by an order of magnitude). We reserve the right of not even reading your solution if it exceedingly and unnecessarily long. If your solutions seems too long - rewrite it to be short and precise.

Regrade requests

All regrade requests would be handled via gradescope. Regrade requests can be submitted at most a week after the grades are posted on gradescope.

Final course grades

We will determine final course grades as follows. (What do you expect from an algorithms course?). Note, that we reserve the right to fiddle with the low level details of the algorithm described below when assigning the final grades.
  1. Compute raw totals from homework and exam scores. Course work is weighted as follows.

  2. Remove outliers at both ends of the curve.

  3. Determine letter-grade cutoffs from the raw totals. Outliers are excluded from the cutoff computation to avoid unfairly skewing the curve. The median is in the middle of the B, and each standard deviation is worth one full letter grade. For example, the B+/B cutoff is 1/6 standard deviations above the mean, and the D/Dā€“ cutoff is 1/2+1+2/3=13/6 standard deviations below the mean.
  4. To avoid the rat-race, we have guaranteed cutoffs, as follows:
    Min Max Letter Grade
    0 45 F
    45 49 D-
    49 52 D
    52 54 D+
    54 58 C-
    58 62 C
    62 66 C+
    66 72 B-
    72 75 B
    75 80 B+
    80 85 A-
    85 95 A
    95 200 A+ ~ 2%
    You will be assigned the higher grade of the two proposed cutoffs (but we will try hard to make sure that the curved cutoffs would be more generous than the guaranteed cutoffs.
  5. Compute final letter grades (for non-outliers).

  6. Adjust grades upwards at the instructor's whim.

374B is run independently - we are not using their curve in computing the final grades. If you want to be graded according to their curve, please take section B instead of this section.

Extra credit

Extra credit (which would given completely in the discretion of the instructors) would be given in exceptional cases for the following:

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