Q: I would like to register to CS 374, but I am unable to register to it. What should I do?
You have to do two things:
  1. Do all work in the course as a regular student.
  2. Please fill the form here.

Algorithm for registering students

One week after the first midterm, all students that are unable to register to the class would be registered to the class under the following constraints:
  1. They did all the class work till this point (homeworks + first midterm) [excluding hw0].
  2. They had done the prerequisite courses (CS 225; MATH 225 or MATH 415). [We will verify this before letting a student register to the class.]
  3. The number of registered students would not exceed 410.
If too many students would try to register at this point, we will take the highest ranked k students till the limit of 410 students is met (the ranking would probably be based on midterm I grades). EE students would be given lower priority than CE students (since this is a required class for CE students).
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