JKLMNOP: Wonderland (Redis)

Due Date: Completed, turned in via git, and GitHub Action completed before April 5, 2023 at 11:59pm
Extra Credit: This page describes extra credit to earn up to +2 EC.
Semester-Long Details: Programming Environment and MP Policy

JKLMNOP: Wonderland (Redis)

On a redis server, I have uploaded the entire text of “Alice in Wonderland” in keys within a redis data store. Inside of the text, there are a few hints on how to earn some extra credit. Go find it! :)

  • The redis server is sp23-cs340-adm.cs.illinois.edu (using the default redis port 6379).

  • You must authenticate to access the server redis server:

    • Your username is your NetID (lowercase)
    • Your password will be the MD5 hash of your username (lowercase)
  • The keys you have access to with your username will ALWAYS be prefixed with username:.

  • The first page of your book is called start. If you username was waf, the key to the first page is: waf:start (yours will be different, do not use waf).

  • Read the contents of each key to find out more. The lecture code from Lecture #19, or the official redis-py documentation, or any guides you find online will help you access the redis datastore.

Have fun!!