JKLMNOP: Gold Rush (S3)

Due Date: Completed, turned in via git, and GitHub Action completed before April 1, 2023 at 11:59pm
Extra Credit: This page describes extra credit to earn up to +2 EC.
Semester-Long Details: Programming Environment and MP Policy

JKLMNOP: Gold Rush (S3)

Let’s go on a treasure hunt! I have uploaded a file just for you in an AWS S3 bucket! Go find it! :)

  • The name of the file is the SHA-256 hash of your NetID, with a .txt extension added to the end of the hash.

  • I only used lowercase letters (in both your NetID and the SHA-256 hash).

  • Use Python and S3 APIs to access the file:

    • The bucket name is waf-uiuc-cs340.
    • To access it, you will need to use the Access Key ID AKIAQUUXEXCMMQ2EYQGD and Secret Key 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.
    • The AKI... account only has permission to fetch the file, listing all files in the bucket is disabled – no cheating by listing the files!).

Have fun!