Project Part III - Shared Middleware

Due Date: Completed and turned in via git before May 2, 2022 at 11:59pm
Points: Week 3 is worth 20 points


This week, you will adapt your Infinite Maze MGs to the course-wide middleware and the Midterm #2 exam.

Optionally, for extra credit, you will work with the class community to expand the shared middleware. You must make code changes to the shared middleware via a Pull Requqest to the shared middleware repo.

  • Not sure what’s needed? Chat in #project on Discord or check on the Issues.

Course-Wide Shared Middleware

From this point forward, you will not need to use your own middleware any longer. Instead, we will all use a single middleware so that all of our MGs will work together for the final project to create one giant maze.

Week #3 Requirement

By the deadline for Week #3, you must adapt ALL of your MGs to work with the shared middleware. See the for the documentation on how to add your MGs to the middleware.

Week 4 Preview

Next week, you will need to extend your MGs with an advanced shared middleware feature. These will be developed during

During this week, we will be reviewing all middleware designs. A course-wide middleware will be decided upon during this week and Week #3 will be focused on adoption your MGs to the course-wide middleware design.


When you have completed your program, double-check that your server runs as expected by the specifications above. If you are working on a team, make sure this is in your team repo. When you are ready, submit the code via the following git commands:

git add -A
git commit -m "submission"
git push

You can verify your code was successfully submitted by viewing your git repo on your github account: