CS 173: Discrete Structures, Summer 2020

A Lecture (AL1/AD1): Ian Ludden

B Lecture (BL1/BD1): Patrick Lin

Welcome to CS 173, Summer 2020!

Very little appears directly on this page. Announcements are posted on our Piazza. Assignments and readings are on the Schedule page (see tabs above) and on Moodle. Browse the tabs above to become familiar with the course materials.

The first online Moodle assignment is due late evening on the first Thursday of classes. Most of you have been automatically enrolled on our Moodle site. If that isn't true (e.g., if you registered late), use the password given out in lecture to self-enroll. Do not get behind on the work while you wait for Moodle to get your official registration information.

This course moves quickly. We only have eight weeks, so staying on top of the material and assignments is critical. If you find yourself falling behind in Week 2 or 3, please seek help.