CS173: Special situations


If you need special accommodations such as extra time on exams, tell us what you need right away and send us your note from DRES, as soon as possible. The first examlet is in the third week of classes, so we will need to make arrangements quickly.

DRES Testing (normally a convenient solution) seems to be only partly open this term. So if you need extended time, you'll be taking your exams in the regular class period. Since this consumes most of the period, you'll need to work out an arrangement with us if you need to do a makeup, e.g. have us set up an override so you can take the makeup examlet during a different one of our class times.

Most DRES accommodations can be managed with extra time, more flexibility (e.g. deadlines), and equipment/softwware that you already have with you (e.g. a screen reader). The recorded lectures will have captions and, also, we plan to distribute parallel notes. However, please contact us if this won't address your issues, so that we can work out a custom solution, perhaps with help from DRES.

If you have a disability but aren't yet officially certified by DRES, speak to them now. This includes not only physical disabilities but also problems that impair your ability to concentrate such as ADHD and test anxiety. Even if you didn't need accommodations in high school, you might need them for some courses in college. It takes a while to get certified, so start the process before you discover you need it.

Need to be less visible

Some of you may be in situations where you don't want to share your name or netID with an outside provider, e.g. Piazza. If so, please contact your instructor so that we can arrange for you to use a pseudonym or substitute email address.

Occasionally there are two people who should not be in the same tutorial group, for personal reasons. If so, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can ensure that you are separated.

Other special situations

Please tell us if you have some other special situation that might impact your class participation or require special arrangements.