CS173: Regrade Requests

We try to grade with perfect accuracy. But, of course, we are only human. Mistakes happen and need to be corrected.

If you encounter a problem while an exam is running, please make a private post right away on piazza. We can often prevent later exam takers from encountering the bug, as well as doing something appropiate for folks who have already taken it.

Regrade requests must be posted in the regrades folder on piazza, within one week from when we post grades for the homework or examlet. Towards the end of the term, you are advised to report problems as soon as possible. The one-week rule still applies, but regrade requests after the end of finals week will need to be emailed to the instructors and may require a grade change after the main grade roll.

If there is some compelling reason why it was impossible to submit a regrade request within one week, you must include a description of the circumstances with your regrade request.