CS173: Discrete Structures, Fall 2023

Welcome CS 173!


If you are thinking of contacting the course staff, first read the FAQ. For many common issues like missing an examlet, we have a procedure such as filling out a google form, and in those cases we do not want an email. If you finish the FAQ and still think an email is needed, then please email Ben Cosman (bcosman), and include the text "This was not covered in the FAQ." as your first sentence (otherwise we'll assume you didn't read this and just send you a link to this page).

Please look through the links above to get familiar with the syllabus and the tools that we'll be using. This page provides a quick overview. See also information about registration and prerequisites.


The first few weeks are an exception, but the normal weekly schedule is as follows:

This calendar has all the important dates, and will also show office hours soon:


The official course text is Building Blocks for Theoretical Computer Science (Version 1.3b). For known errata and to submit new issues, see here.

Office hours

See calendar above. (Office hours will be added throughout each week shortly.) Go to whichever office hours fit your schedule - you are not restricted to hours staffed by the TAs/CAs in your section. Be aware that office hours may change, so re-check this page for current hours and watch piazza for last-minute announcements (e.g. someone is sick).