CS 173 Honors Add-on

This add-on is is intended for students with strong background, e.g. James scholar and/or a strong GPA plus an A in the prerequisite courses.

The honors section does not have its own meeting time. Announcements are made via the regular CS 173 lectures and Piazza. Students taking the honors section will be required to view additional lectures on potentially extra material and do additional homework problems.

Preference will be given to James scholars, since their program requires them to do an honors course. If there are spare seats, we'll let in other folks by special permission.


All the students in the honors add-on do the same extra work. However, the James scholar programs in different colleges want the paperwork done in different ways. This system just changed this semester, but my understanding is:

Some colleges have been known to change these details from one year to the next. If your college's honors office tells you something different from the above, please tell us right away so we can clarify the instructions for all students in your college.

When filling out an HCLA, the HCLA should be for CS 173 (3sh), NOT for CS 199. When the form asks you to describe the extra work, say that you'll complete the assignments for CS 199, section 173. The instructor should be Benjamin Cosman (bcosman).