The A and B lectures are now full but there are still seats in the C lecture and we're still holding back some seats for majors with registration issues. If you still need to join the class:

Seats in this course can appear quite late, even during the first couple weeks of classes. For example, students who pass the CS 173 proficiency exam (and can therefore drop the course) won't find this out until about a week into classes. Don't give up until we're past the 10th day of classes. (We do not let students join the class or switch lecture after the 10th day.)

If you aren't yet registered when clases start, COME TO CLASS and stay caught up with the work. Otherwise, it will be difficult to get caught up when you are able to add the course officially.

Prerequisite checking

This course assumes that you have significant practice with recursion, have worked with basic data structures (e.g. linked lists, trees or graphs), and have seen simple examples of big-O algorithm analysis. Students without this background sometimes think they are ok towards the start of the term, but get into trouble midway through the course.

To take this course, you must have completed Calculus I (Math 220 or 221) and CS 125 or ECE 220. Banner is now enforcing these prerequisites automatically, so you will not be able to add CS 173 if you don't have them.

If you have credit for a prerequisite course but it is not visible on your transcript, you must speak to the CS academic office for an override. This would include students with incoming transfer credit, exchange students, and students who pass the CS 125 proficiency exam at the start of the term. Be aware that the academic office is swamped during registration and also at the start of the term, so be patient especially if you are a non-major.

What can be used to satisfy the prerequisites?