Welcome to the Spring 2020 web page for BIOE415

Course Instructor:          Dr. Dong San Choi          Email:  choi88#illinois

Course Description:      

The goal of this course is to make you familiar with how the biomedical instrumentation including instrumentation amplifier, heart rate monitor, EKG amplifiers, and electrodes in BIOE414 (Biomedical Instrumentation) work by testing, designing, and building them. The basic philosophy of BIOE415 can be summarized as follows: 

  1. Revisit theories (lectures)
  2. Read about it (pre-lab)
  3. Practice (labs)
  4. Connect theories and practice (discussion & post-lab)
  5. Challenge yourself (final project)

The lecture (1) will cover the theories you may need at a high level. It is best if you can have a deep understanding of those theories for you to recall when observing something that could be explained by them in practice. Next, when you understand what you should be doing in the lab (1), thinking about what theories are involved in each step. Then, in the lab (3) you should have some hypothesis before your measurement so that you can check them in (verify or the other) your the lab. If you see something cannot be explained by the theories, keep them in mind and figure it out later. That is one of the best parts you can learn to connect theories and practice (4). In the final project, you will accomplish the design-build-test loop by building a sensor that you are interested in. It is the opportunities for you to search all the theories you and your partners have been exposed in your life (you can Google or ask anyone in the world, assuming you know what to Google / ask) to solve your practical problems! 

Additional materials for this course are in Compass2G.