BIOE 310  - Computational Tools for Biological Data



Sergei Maslov:
Office: IGB 3406
Office hours: by appointment


Tuesdays:   12:00AM - 1:50PM
Thursdays:  12:00AM - 1:50PM

106B8 Engineering Hall

I want you to bring your iClicker to this class

iClickers are sold on or at the
Illini Union Books Store ($38)

An alternative to buying an iClicker is to use the 
iClicker Reef student app  ($10/semester)

I want you to bring your laptop to this class.
The laptops need to have Matlab installed with
Bioinformatics and Statistics & Machine Learning toolboxes.

An alternative to buying Matlab is to use
CITRIX for UIUC students and connect to
EWS Windows Lab Software.


The course will provide students with fundamental knowledge and techniques in
computational bioengineering, focusing on statistical methods including:

Statistics methods will be illustrated on examples from
genomics & systems biology:

Suggested Textbooks



Homework 30%

Midterm exam 30%

Final exam 40%

Homework (ungraded) will build on topics covered
in lectures and will consist of problem sets related to
topics covered in lecture