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TAM 324 - Behavior of Materials

Last offered Fall 2024

Official Description

Course Information: Same as CEE 300. See CEE 300. Class Schedule Information: Students must register for one lab and one lecture section.

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Detailed Course Description

Macroscopic mechanical behavior in terms of phenomena at the nanometer and micrometer levels for the three types of engineering materials (metals, ceramics, and polymers) with emphasis on specific materials used in civil engineering -- steel, rocks, clay, portland cement concrete, asphaltic concrete, and wood. Same as CEE 300. Prerequisite: Completion of Composition I general education requirement; CHEM 104 and TAM 251. 4 undergraduate hours.


Introduction to materials behavior (1hr)
Bonding and molecular structure (3hr)
Elastic behavior (3hr)
Colloidal materials; microstructure of concrete (2hr)
Microstructure of wood, bitumens and sealants (3hr)
Introduction to dislocations (3hr)
Yielding under stress; ductile failure (4hr)
Fracture mechanisms (3hr)
Brittle fracture (3hr)
Fracture of concrete, wood and asphaltic concrete (2hr)
Fatigue (2hr)
Creep and thermal properties (2hr)
Durability (3hr)
Heat treatment of steels (2hr)
Phase diagrams; time-temperature-transition diagrams (3hr)
Composites (3hr)
Hour exams (2)

1. Tension test
2. Compression and hardness tests
3. Bending and torsion tests
4. Notch sensitivity
5. Impact; fracture-toughness testing
6. Creep of metals and polymers
7. Heat treatment of steels
8. Production of concrete
9. Mechanical behavior of concrete
10. Mechanical behavior of wood
11. Viscosity of asphalt cements

ME: ME 330 required instead.

EM: Required.

Behavior of MaterialsAB133355LAB01000 - 1150 M  201 Talbot Laboratory Andrew Christopher Witte
Nischal Kanel
Behavior of MaterialsAB233375LAB01400 - 1550 M  201 Talbot Laboratory Andrew Christopher Witte
Hossein Kabir
Behavior of MaterialsAB333320LAB01000 - 1150 T  201 Talbot Laboratory Mohamed Ahmed Moussa Abdelrahman
Sunav Dahal
Behavior of MaterialsAB433335LAB01300 - 1450 T  201 Talbot Laboratory Mohamed Ahmed Moussa Abdelrahman
- Sudharsan Rathna Kumar
Behavior of MaterialsAB533351LAB01000 - 1150 W  201 Talbot Laboratory Andrew Christopher Witte
Nanzeeba Tabassum
Behavior of MaterialsAB654855LAB01700 - 1850 W  201 Talbot Laboratory Mohamed Ahmed Moussa Abdelrahman
Aysan Farajnia
Behavior of MaterialsAB756690LAB00800 - 0950 F  201 Talbot Laboratory Mohamed Ahmed Moussa Abdelrahman
Krishna Chaitanya Polavaram
Behavior of MaterialsAL135223LEC41230 - 1350 M W  1017 Civil & Envir Eng Bldg Nishant Garg