TAM 251: Introductory Solid Mechanics

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TAM 251 Course Organization:

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1: Stress, Strain

  • Equilibrium and Stress
  • Normal and Shear Stresses
  • Allowable Stress Design
  • Strain

Homework 1 and 2

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2: Material Properties, and Axial Loading

  • Stress-Strain Diagram
  • Deformations under Axial Loading
  • Statically Indeterminate Structures
  • Temperature Effects
  • Misfit Problems

Homework 3 and 4

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3: Torsion

  • Torsion
  • Torque-Displacement Relation
  • Indeterminate Shafts

Homework 5 and 6

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4: Beams in Bending

  • SF and BM Diagrams
  • Beams in Bending - Normal Stress
  • Composite Beams

Homework 7

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5: Transverse Shear Stress

  • Transverse Shear
  • Shear Flow

Homework 8

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6: Stress Transformation

  • Combined Loading
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Stress Transformation
  • Theories of Failure

Homework 9 and 10

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7: Deflection in beams

  • Deflection in Beams - Integration Methods
  • Deflection in Beams - Superposition Methods

Homework 11 and 12


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See schedule page for info about the final exam