Physics 598 CMX - Fall 2020- Instructors: Taylor Hughes and Vidya Madhavan

Condensed Matter Physics: Advanced Topics in Electronic Materials


Course description:

The goal of this course is to set the foundation for future research in condensed matter physics. Advanced topics in electronic materials will be covered will be covered including: topological insulators and superconductors, Dirac and Weyl semimetals. Spin-orbit coupling and spintronics. Low dimensional heterostructures. Experimental techniques. Introduction to correlated systems including Fermi-Liquid theory, and self-energy.

Prerequisite: Phys 427;Phys 580, 560.

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Tuesday, Thursday 2:30 - 3:50 PM







Taylor L. Hughes

Vidya Madhavan

Instructor Office:

2115 Engineering Sciences Bldg. (ESB) [TLH]

1018 MRL (Supercon) [VM]

Prof. Office Hours:

Tuesdays 1130am to 1230pm at Zoom Link Below. [TLH]




Mark Hirsbrunner (

Tony Mirasola

TA Offices:

Mark Hirsbrunner : ESB 4133

TA Office Hours:

Mark Hirsbrunner: 3-4pm Wednesday

Tony Mirasola: 9am-10am Monday

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Recommended Textbook:

Modern Condensed Matter Physics by S. Girvin and K. Yang



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