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Welcome to Physics 513! If you are reading this, then presumably you are interested in learning more about one of the hottest areas of physics right now. Collected herein are some notes related to the administration of the course.

This class will necessarily be a bit different than most others you might have taken, as it is based on a very, very rapidly growing, field -- quantum information. We will first look at some of the foundations behind the new ideas. Most of the physics is all fairly basic quantum mechanics. My approach will be to present the ideas as simply as possible, and to demonstrate them with relevant experiments, many of them optical.  I will try in the readings from the course text as well as the problem sets to hit some of the underlying theoretical topics.

My goal at the end of the course is that you will have a working familiarity with the basic underlying concepts, be able to read new articles in the field with moderate comprehension, and have the sense that you have attended a recent conference on quantum information (in any given year there are now perhaps 40 totally devoted to the topic, and more than double this if we count sessions at larger conferences); or if you actually DO attend such a conference, you can follow a fair fraction of it.


The Zoom link for Tuesday and Thursday lectures during week 1 (3:30-4:50pm) is:
Meeting ID: 811 4316 1294
Password: 599971