Physics 505 - Classical Electromagnetism

Fall 2020

Meets Tuesday & Thursday on Zoom


Instructor: Tom Faulkner

Email: tomf at illinois dot edu

Office hours: TBA


Schedule and zoom/medisaspace info

Course Information:


Welcome to graduate electromagnetism. This course will cover a large fraction of Jackson's

Classical Electrodynamics. Please see the schedule page for a rough course outline. There will

be regular (total of 10) homework posted Wednesday and due in a week. There will be a final exam.

The breakdown of the final score will be:


HW: 70%

Exam: 30%


Letter grades will be assigned based on this score. 


Announcement Date

Welcome! The course information and syllabus have been posted. Please check here regularly for announcements and updates to lecture notes and problem sets (both found in the schedule page.) See you in zoom Tuesday


Homework 1 is posted 9/2/20
Homework 2 is posted 9/9/20