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This is the homepage for the PHYS 495/ARTS 499 course, entitled "The Physics of Art/The Art of Physics". Follow the navigation menu to the left to find other information about the class. This landing page will be used primarily to list class announcements. 


10/2/23: Here is the full assignment description for the midterm proposals. You can also find an example of a good proposal in the general channel of Slack from Patrick. Please do not distribute this anywhere!

9/21/23: Here is a pdf version of the book from the Imagining Otherwise Symposium for those who are interested. Don't forget to check out Pygmalion this weekend!

9/11/23: Here is the PDF that Patrick shared in class about space making and composition in art. Don't forget to sign up for studio visits this week on this schedule.

9/5/23: Here are the PDFs you should read before next week

8/21/23: Here is a list of artists you can explore for inspiration for the first homework.

8/18/23: For the first class, please bring your laptop/device and an object that reveals something unique about yourself. The weirder the better!